“Ballot Scotland” is an apolitical propaganda poster exhibition taking place in the run up to the Scottish Referendum. The show features the work of emerging and established artists including: Steffan MacMillan, Richard Martin, Ryan Thompson, Matt C Stokes, Iestyn Day, Scott Poulson, Mike CR, Chris Peel, Walter Newton, Liam Barrett, Sarah Ray, Andrew Park, Mikey Burton, Laura Gee, Vicky Day, Nic Allan, Jess Das, Anton Weflo

The venue for our exhibition is the beer hall at Drygate, the UK’s first experiential craft brewery, in Glasgow. The show opens at 7pm on Saturday 6th Sept and runs till the 17th Sept. Opening times may vary.




(Ballot Scotland is an independent, apolitical project by Mike CR; supported by Rosie Brown and Papa Stour)